Woman Goes To Extreme Lengths To Attract Men

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As if having breasts and ass aren’t enough to physically attract a male to a female, a woman decides to takes it up a notch to turn her vaginal fluid into a perfume to attract men. Chemicals known as pheromones, which is the odor that species give off is believed to play a part in our attraction towards each other. A social media manager in her twenties, Allison Ramirez, discovered that vaginal fluid dabbed onto the neck, ears, and or chest pulse areas give off a natural aroma. This method was said to be employed in the medieval period by courtesans. To create a consumer-friendly version of that, Ramirez recruited a perfume maker to create a natural vaginal scent of her own. After going on a string of successful dates, Ramirez believes the success of her dates is owed to her secret formula.

In the experiment, it was discovered that the aphrodisiac qualities of aniseed, oils rose, benzoin, and cinnamon combined with vaginal fluid could work wonders; however, bodily fluids are not “stable” and not suggested for use in a formula. Further research also found that lavender, licorice, pumpkin pie, and doughnuts have been found to elevate blood flow to the penis and cause males to have a stronger erection. The finale resulted in Allison going with a mixture of rose, cedar, civet, and her vagina juices too.



The aftereffects of her potion were no surprise-A success! Ramirez experienced various results to her favor: she hooked up with an old friend, she claimed to receive better than usual treatment at a fast food restaurant and was asked out for a date.



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