Too Much Exercise Is Bad Particularly For White Men!

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Working out at a high level at three times the moderate level develops a higher chance of raising heart disease, but studies found (CAC) coronary artery calcium, disturbingly, higher for white men who exercised over seven and a half hours a week. A study has revealed that Caucasian males who work out more than the recommended amount per week are more prone to develop heart disease than any other group. White men who work out more than three times the recommended amount are more susceptible to heart disease death more than any demographic, as studies reveal an eighty-six percent more likelihood of plaque buildup in their arteries if they exercise too often.

For over twenty-five years, over three-thousand participants have all worked out seven and a half hours a week, only to complete follow up examinations. The participants ranged from black men, black women, white men, and white women from ages 18-30.

This study has been conducted by researchers for a quarter of a century: black and white subjects in the Coronary Artery Risk Development in Young Adults were given heart scans for self-reporting on top of being monitored for eight follow up examinations.  In those twenty-five years, subjects found that white men who worked out for eight hours a week or more increased their probability of doubling the chance of getting a heart disease.

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In general, too much exercise can place stress on the arteries and due to that possibility, some cardiologists may recommend meditation, where one can practice techniques of relaxation. Over-exercising causes your cortisol – a stress hormone – to be up for a long time after long exercise periods. The best advice is to include meditation or yoga to your routine along with an ample amount of rest, particularly seven to eight hours of sleep.

Apart from white men, there was just a twenty-seven percent increase in plaque buildup in other participants, as opposed to the whopping eighty-six percent (CAC) risk for white men with high levels of physical activity. Besides the general understanding of why too much exercise is problematic, there is no telling why it’s especially troublesome for white males.

Since risk levels varied significantly on long-term exercise duration between black and white subjects, the data provided calls for more research based on race.

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