Today Maybe The Most Stressful Time In American History!

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As stated by the American Psychological Association’s annual Stress in an America survey. a good percentage of Americans believe this country is at its lowest period.  Sixty-two percent of Americans are stressed about money; sixty-one percent are stressed about work; seventy-three percent of Democrats are worried about where the country is headed; over fifty percent of independents and republicans are also worried about the country’s future as well.  Psychologists have observed that the declining health and well being of American citizens are due to the apprehension of the nation’s promise or lack thereof.  The survey featured a diversity of 3.440 individuals.  In these individuals, they found that lying awake at night went up in comparison to the prior year and that a third of them feel a form of anxiety, frustration, fatigue, anger, irritability, or nervousness.  The data from the respondents was made to reflect relative proportions of the United States population.   It should be noted that some of the respondents lived through World War II and Pearl Harbor.  Is this the worst time in history?  What do you feel?

Former Commander In Chief, Barack Obama, disagrees with the sentiment:

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