The New Religion Is No Religion At All: Why Millennials Are Not Identifying w/Religion

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Organized religion is continuing on a decline. Millennials more than ever are identifying with no religious affiliation – four times what it was than in the 1980s. The religion of –no religion at all – is indeed the fastest-growing religion in the United States.  Attendance and membership growth continues to slow down and plummet in religious institutions all across the board.  For instance, over the last decade, the Southern Baptists have lost over a million members.  It was speculated that political affiliation took precedence over faith and swayed where and how Millennials worship, however, it holds no bearing, as people –mainly young people – are outright not involved in religion. Could it be the advent of technology with an abundance of information, voices, and influence adding to a shift in philosophy? A motivation for people of previous generations to attend church was to find a partner but with online dating and the addition of delayed marriage and birth, attending a place of worship for a serious match may not be much of a priority. Whatever the source of this is, this social shift away from the clergy has opened the borders for others to freely and comfortably identify as “Nones” and that trend doesn’t look to be coming to a cease anytime soon.

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