The Government Reveals That Our World Is A Continuous Cycle!

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There is no surprise that our world is a mystery. As time goes on, we try to unravel the mystery of our world through studies of science and religion. Well, I’ve got some bad news for those spirituality naysayers and those who scoff at what they believe their five senses can’t perceive. Many find the thought of another world as cooky: those same people may consider it as a Christian dogma, but it turns out that our government has documents confirming the existence of an alternate realm. Astral Projection via lucid dreaming or deep meditation is indeed a real phenomenon. Astral projection, which is the act of the spirit leaving the body, whether intentional or unintentional is another way of describing an out of body experience. These documents confirm that our spirit, which can also be known as the astral body can leave the physical body and travel in different dimensions, with our pineal gland within our brain operating as an antenna. With our pineal acting as a guide, it opens up our “third eye,” where one can see with such high visionary proportions that they can navigate beyond space and time during this travel.

The CIA, responsible for the investigation, called Reverse Event Horizon, also found that next to discovering the astral world, they found that our universe is a hologram that perpetually creates and destroys itself. The theory that human consciousness follows the same format of the universe, where our thoughts constantly create and evolve is becoming more prevalent. This means our reality is a hologram created by our thoughts. The universe, our energy, our projections, our vibration, and consciousness are all linked.

It’s concluded that our physical body is only temporary storage for our astral body aka spirit, giving further credence to life after death. Feel free to share any outer body or out of this world experience you’ve ever had. To get more in-depth on this topic, you can watch the video below and can read more from the actual CIA document here: HERE

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