Texas Tech Student Kills Officer After Finding Drugs In His Room


A Texas Tech University Student is alleged to have shot a campus police officer dead after discovering drugs in his room on Monday night.  19yr old, Hollis Daniels, escaped after the shooting and was said to have ripped the body cam from the officer before fledding.  For about an hour, the school went on lock-down as a manhunt for the student was issued in Lubbock, Texas.  Campus police were conducting a room search when they came across drugs and drug paraphernalia.  Lubbock police along with Swat Team assistance were all out in search for Daniels, until a Texas Tech officer found him and tackled him around 9:30PM that night.  There is no word on who the officer was that was killed: Gov. Abott sent his condolences stating, “..our hearts go out to the family of the police officer killed at Texas Tech University…”


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