Study Shows Tinder May Useless For Men That Aren’t “Super-Attractive”

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A recent study conducted shows that the least attractive men are competing for the least attractive women, while the top 78% of women are going for the 20% of attractive men.  Average looking guys to below average looking males are expected to have a harder time on the dating app Tinder, a dating app based on physical appearance.  According to a quantitative socio-economic study involving males on Tinder, there is a substantial difference in the likes that an attractive guy gets versus the likes that a less appealing guy receives.  It’s been reported that the bottom 80% of men (the guys that are not “super-attractive”) in the Tinder economy are equivalent to the bottom 22% of women who receive the least likes in the Tinder ecosystem.

In economic terms, the most attractive guys on Tinder overwhelmingly have all the wealth, meanwhile the less than attractive guys are scratching and clawing for that wealth.  The small sample study also concluded that a man of average attractiveness can only expect to receive 1 like per every 115 females, meaning the most attractive men are expected to receive likes by almost a quarter of the women using the application; that amount of likes can actually lead to a large number of matches rapidly.  This may not spell out the best news for those men that aren’t among the super attractive male percentage, however those same men may have better chances in real life than over something as superficial based as Tinder – what some refer to as the gaming-faction of dating.

Take a look at this video of how dating apps can ruin men’s self esteem:

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