Man With The World’s Largest Penis Gets A Reduction

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A twenty-year-old man from Kenya named Horace Owiti Opiyo now looks forward to leading a regular life after having surgery on his three-foot penis and 11-pound testicles.  The rare condition was a massive setback to the man also known as Forence, struggling to do the bare minimum in everyday activities: his penis became so large that he struggled to even walk.  Unable to walk because of his condition, Forence had to drop out of school over a decade ago.  Thanks to social media, the orphaned kid’s story was able to go viral, resulting from a government official arranging for Forence to be taken from the village to the city to examine his unusual condition.  After a few examinations, Forence was finally given two operations to reduce the size of his scrotum and to rebuild his penis for functionality.  After having a successful surgery, the burden has now been lifted off of Forence literally and mentally; the sky is the limit for Forence, as Forence hopes to one day start a family.


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