Finding Inspiration and Words To Keep Near You


Words of encouragement can go a long way.  With so much pressure in our daily lives, it can be hard sustaining the mindset of persevering and staying positive.  Sometimes when you have no one to push you, you have to be your own motivation.  To do that, you can think of encouraging words to help you look forward to something bigger or you can verbally speak motivation: Some aficionados in the field of positivity encourage people to wake up and say words such as, “I’M THE GREATEST” out loud to put good vibes in the air.  It’s not a coincidence that morning runners or joggers, who do the steady routine of running every morning still need the consistent energy and motivation that the sound of music provides.  A song can do a lot to put you in a certain mood due to the words and frequencies involved, and those nuances can assist in vitalizing you during your extracurricular activities, which is a great explanation as to why people working out in the gym, training, or jogging often wear headphones.

However, just in case you’re having a hard time even getting to the point of leaving the house to get in shape, maybe there are non-traditional methods you are overlooking that can be of support.  For instance, your wall can read encouragement or maybe your cup can carry words of encouragement: When it comes the former, I’m not just talking about a traditional wall poster in your bedroom, but maybe the wall in your technology, such as the wallpaper on your phone or laptop can kick off great stimulation.  On top of that, you can have stickies on your PC to help manage your day and keep you on the right track if you’re a person that often loses focus when you pick up your device and get lost on YouTube or social media.  Or you can deal with something physical such as the mug you drink from; maybe that teacup you drink coffee in can be decorated with words of encouragement and have you look forward to getting up out of bed, going to the kitchen, and drinking a hot cup of coffee or cocoa to get your day started.

The point is that if you’re finding it difficult to drive yourself, maybe it’s the small external things that you can add to your devices or cabinetry besides diet consumption that can get you going.

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