Journalists In Turkey Report That The US Invented A Gay Bomb To Switch Sexual Preference During Warfare

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Mehmet Barlas, a veteran Turkish journalist has claimed that the United States has developed a bomb which is capable of changing sexual preferences of people. In a recent column written for Turkish newspaper ‘Sabah’, Barlas alleged that this gay bomb could change the sexual preference of the victim country’s population, or sometimes may kill them all, reports.

As per Barlas, the United States has developed these gay bombs as a part of its population control program. The bombs can be also used during warfare, as once it is dropped, it will compel the enemy country’s soldiers to mate each other.

“American specialists were working on a bomb that would make the enemy soldiers homosexual in 1944. When this bomb was fired at a distance, the enemy soldiers would feel the sexual attraction against each other,” said Barlas.

Barlas also revealed that the flu vaccine was also a part of the United States population control program. Barlas argued that taking flu vaccines will keep men away from their partners for at least two months, and this is a hidden population control program adopted by the US government.

The new revelation from Barlas came just a few days after several conspiracy theorists blamed Donald Trump for covering up secrets regarding alien life. As soon as Donald Trump announced his plans to develop a space force, conspiracy theorists alleged that extraterrestrial beings are gearing up for an invasion, and the new space force is a protective force which will engage in galactic wars.

Some conspiracy theorists even moved a step ahead and claimed that this space force will be used to destroy Nibiru, the alleged killer planet which is currently lurking at the edge of our solar system. Nibiru believers argue that planet earth will face the devastation of all times when this rogue space body hit us with full fury.

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