It Turns Out That Dogs Make Cute “Puppy-Dog” Faces To Get Our Attention and Affection

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Scientists have found out that doggy expressions are actually a form of communication.  In the observation, a video camera was used to record the facial expression of 24 dogs in a sequence of studies, examining how dogs responded when a person faced the animal; how dogs responded when the person faced another direction; and how dogs responded when faced with food.  The results showed that the dogs had a lot of movement in their facial structure, remarkably with their tongues and eyebrows, often making their eyes bigger, which humans find adorable. The study tells us that dogs make more facial expressions when face to face with a human and that it is indeed a conscious effort on the dog’s part, contrary to the belief that it is involuntary and innate behavior.  As time goes on, this informs us on how dog domestication has evolved dogs to adopt techniques to be more in sync with their human counterparts.


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