Find Out These Golden Tips To Defeat The Feeling of Being Hungry

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Hunger is the natural body sign of an empty stomach, and with an empty stomach nothing can work properly in your body, every cell in your body needs energy to perform its work efficiently, to begin a new day, and cover all the mental and physical activities of the body, so when you get the hunger signal, you should grab something to eat.

But what if your hunger is fake, what if you’ve just had your lunch but still searching for something else to eat, what if your hunger is no longer a pure signal from an empty stomach!

Can’t stop feeling hungry? Follow these golden tips:

Have 3 main meals and 2-3 healthy snacks in between, having a balanced meal every 3 hours keeps your blood sugar level stable, therefore you won’t find yourself craving junk food, and you’ll feel satisfied throughout the day.

Eat food with high fiber content all the day, focus on fruits, vegetable, legumes, and seeds, you can have these choices as healthy snacks between meals, to keep your stomach full.



Control Food Cravings and Improve Serotonin Increase


Have more protein in your meals, such as lean meat like fish, chicken, cheese, soy, tofu, eggs, lean beef, … etc. Protein helps you feel full by blocking the hunger receptors present in the stomach, so you’d no longer feel hungry.


Focus on dairy products, such as milk and yogurt, preferably low fat, they are high in calcium, which helps break down fat cells, and they are also high in protein, which makes you feel full longer.


Enjoy a rich salad at least once a day, salads are fresh, full of vitamins and fibers, top it with some chicken or tuna, and you will READ MORE




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