Find Out The HOST Of Benefactors Featured In Krill Oil!


Omega 3’s are essential unsaturated fatty acids.  DHA and EPA are two key acids within Omega 3’s that must be attained through dieting since we can’t naturally produce these fatty acids.

As we age, our fatty acids, such as our DHA and EPA levels begin to deplete and due to that, we must store back these Omega 3 Acids, as EPA and DHA are important for growth and aging, as we develop.

These nutrients within Omega 3 assist in; restructuring the brain for memory retention, mood, and attention.  To have a heart-healthy diet, you can get omega 3’s from walnut or salmon but it’s recommended to take a supplement daily to supplement your diet. Krill oil is believed to be a superior source because it is the purest and safest source of Omega 3’s available in biomass,

Dr. Mercola Antarctic Krill Oil is highly recommended as it’s made from fresh out of water krill. Krill oil is extracted from shrimp-like crustaceans that live in the deep and unpolluted pristine Antartica Seas and consume a variety of algae and phytoplankton. Krill may be at the bottom of the food chain but they are the source of the fastest and most powerful form of Omega 3’s. We receive Omega 3 from fish but fish don’t produce Omega 3’s by itself. Fish consumes Omega 3’s by consuming krill. So why not go straight to the source itself?

Unlike fish oil, krill is much easier for our body to absorb, therefore no aftermath of gas and fishy burps. Rather than taking secondhand Omega 3’s from a fish source, who receive their Omega 3 oils by eating krill, the world renown Dr. Mercola has gone straight to the source in the deep, cold and unpolluted pristine Antarctic water to deliver us a higher quality source of Omega 3s.

A healthy balance between Omega 3 and 6 is vital, whereas the common American diet provides more Omega 6 than Omega 3 leading to joint problems. Supplementing with Krill oil, which has highly digestible Omega 3s can fix this imbalance and provide joint comfort and range motion support.

Ladies, if you, your daughters, or any female you know are encountering cramps, krill oil can help with that. Anti-inflammatory properties in Krill are beneficial to women and can help PMS, as phospholipids can lead to a balanced menstrual cycle and support healthy hormone development. This reduces PMS symptoms, such as fatigue, anxiety, mood swings, headaches, irritability and much more.

For the men balding and or women that show signs of hair thinning, krill oil can aid in the slowing down of the process by sustaining hair growth. The omega-3 fatty acids, as well as powerful antioxidants within krill known as astaxanthin (not commonly found in fish oil), slows down the hair loss process.  Krill oil is common in hair vitamins, as it promotes thicker and stronger hair follicles, making your hair less likely to fall off.

Wait! It doesn’t stop there, krill has a host of other benefits for everyone of all ages – from lowering bad LDL cholesterol; raising good HDL cholesterol levels; boosting healthy brain function; improves liver function; improves skin tone; improves elasticity; balances blood sugar levels; reduces joint pains or discomforts; helps reverses the signs of aging; helps reverse Alzheimer’s disease; reduces inflammation which causes tissue damage and a role in cancer; and plays a role in cell membrane fluidity which is critical for neurotransmitters. And these are just some of the benefits to name a few!

Instead of taking fish oil supplements, why not take krill oil supplements and receive Omega 3’s from its organic supplier? With Dr. Mercola’s krill oil, everything from the source to its production is of quality: not only does its capsules contain phospholipids which is a beneficial component for the human anatomy, but it also is provided with a long shelf life.  These long oxidized shelf life capsules will protect the valuable and superior anti-oxidants which prevent the highly sensitive omega 3 fats from being perished by the air and being more absorbable during consumption.  In addition, thanks to the source of the krill being pure from the Antarctic, there is no filler ingredients causing unpleasant odors and fishy burps when opening your container.




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