Find Out The Best Ways To Whiten Teeth At Home!


Best Way to Whiten Teeth At Home – Ageless Beauty Hacks
Best way to whiten teeth at home, easy, safe, and natural ways to whiten your yellow teeth and have a beautiful bright smile.

I can easily guess a woman’s age by the color of her teeth. When I was younger, I used to have pearly white teeth, but as I age, the enamel of my teeth gets thinner, making my pearly whites to be yellowish. I tried laser teeth whitening. My teeth were white for a while, but they got so sensitive to heat and cold. SinceI love drinking coffee and tea, my teeth were yellow again in less than a month. My confidence shattered, I felt like I’ve lost my best social asset – my beautiful smile! But those days are over now because I found the best way to whiten teeth at home.

Ever looked in the mirror and wondered how your teeth got so yellow? I did. Many of us have. Our teeth are coated with a white protective coating known as enamel. Underneath the enamel is a yellow layer known as dentin. When the enamel is damaged or thinned out, dentin is exposed making our teeth look yellowish.

These are some factors that can affect the color of your teeth.

  • natural aging process
  • smoking
  • drinking coffee, tea, sports drinks and wine
  • stain-causing foods like catsup and tomato sauce, berries, and citrus
  • antibiotics
  • mouthwash containing chlorhexidine and cetylpyridinium chloride
  • genetic factors

There are many naturals ways to whiten teeth at home but as a general rule for all DIY teeth whitening, use in moderation. Use only READ MORE

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