Find Out If Snacking Will Sabotage Your Weight Loss

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Hi Fellow Low Carbers!

Today I want to talk to you about snacking in between meals. There are lots of delicious high protein low carb snacks you can eat in between meals. But should you snack in between meals? Will it affect your weight loss efforts? Some people say yes, others say no.

In my experience, snacking in between meals, has always left me obsessed with food. On the other hand, not snacking in between meals has left me hungry and afraid that I won’t make it to the next meal. Now, this may not be the experience of others, but it was my experience.


For some people, snacking in between meals is a necessity. Since I refer to Atkins a lot (my favorite low carb diet), I’d like to tell you what Atkins suggests. Atkins suggests having READ MORE

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