Find Out If Drinking Milk On A Diet Has Benefits


We all love some of the white stuff, mother natures most wholesome food, milk… Contains no preservatives, colourings or artificial flavourings. From a young age we’re taught milk is nutritionally essential for our health. But can you drink milk on a diet?

Whilst whole milk is the highest in saturated fats, the naughty ones that are said to clog our arteries, it still only has  3.5 grammes of fat per 100ml. Added up that’s not so much fat: “10grammes” per breakfast serving. Whole cows milk is packed full of nutrients including protein, calcium, zinc and vitamins A and B. Always the best milk for the children as it has the fat and vitamins needed for growth.

glass of semi skimmed milk

Full Fat = Calories, so if you’re watching your calorie intake go for the semi-skimmed, now the most popular type of milk sold in the shops, and containing half the fat of whole milk. Take it even further if you wish and go for the skimmed type.

Skimmed has the lowest fat content of all milks available and contains similar amounts of calcium compared with the whole milk. I tried this stuff once though and hated it, It felt like I was eating my cereal with water. This happens if you take the fat out of the milk you lose the flavour and the taste becomes almost watery.

A glass of whole fat milk only contains 134calories, it’s nowhere near as bad as some people may think, whole fat contains 3.5 grammes of fat, semi 1.7 and skimmed 0.3. If you do opt for the skimmed or semi-skimmed you will start to lose READ MORE


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