Activated Charcoal How To Use Hair Detox DIY

Find Out How To Naturally Turn Your Hair From Grey To Black While Improving General Well-Being


If you’re having hair issues, particularly greying, you may turn to activated charcoal as a solution.  Activated charcoal is permeable charcoal that becomes “activated,” when processed at very high temperatures; this black powder is comprised of char-coaled coconut shells. Once inside the body, it behaves like a magnet that attracts toxins to carry out.  Due to its ability to bind metals and toxins, activated charcoal is prominent within many water filtration systems.

Activated Charcoal In Your Hair

As we age, unfortunately, our hair begins to age, as well.  It may lose density, thickness, or color.  With the latter, your hair will begin to turn grey, white, or silver due to our hair strands no longer being able to produce melanin, as the pigment cells in our hair follicles start to slowly die.

As a remedy to regain thickness, shine, and black hair, try this concoction for your hair: Mix two to three tablespoons of food-grade charcoal + approximately a half or 2 tablespoons of lemon juice or lime + 3 teaspoons of coconut oil.  (Note: If your hair is long, then you may double or triple up on the ingredients)  Mix together in a bowl to create a hair paste (you may store in your refrigerator for about two weeks before it possibly goes bad).  Wash hair and towel dry hair before applying hair mask on scalp.  Make sure that gloves are used when applying the hair mask to your hair; leave in hair for at least 30 minutes or sit under a hairdryer for 20 minutes with a steam or shower cap.  Afterward, rinse thoroughly; you may use conditioner to rinse out your hair if you washed hair before applying the paste, as instructed.

When the activated charcoal hair mask is placed on the scalp, it targets the root of the hair to address scalp problems.  When massaged into the scalp, activated charcoal seeps into the pores to penetrate profoundly into your follicles to remove deep-rooted toxins beyond a shampoo cleanse. It will let the hair breathe as it unclogs the pores in the scalp and detoxifies the follicles which can, in turn, cause rapid hair growth.

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