Find Out How to Lose Weight From A Nutrition Plan Without Meds, Fasting, or Exercise!


Lose weight with a healthy slimming plan created for you personally. Users can lose weight with a nutrition plan without physical exercise, without medications, and without fasting.  Qualified nutrition experts ensure that this program is beneficial for your body’s metabolism to function effectively.

Slimming from this plan is based on activating your metabolism with healthy foods and a balanced daily menu. The users achieve healthy results in an easy way, as the program does not include physical training, medications, or food supplements. The results are permanent and the excess weight won’t come back after the end of the diet if your nutrition is balanced and you follow the guide. More than half a million clients in 170 countries worldwide have already got rid of their excess weight with this program called StockholmDiet.

What is StockholmDiet?

StockholmDiet is a weight loss program conceived by the Swedish Medical Centre, which was founded by Swedish doctor Nils Johanson. The program’s impact has been confirmed by over half a million people from 170 countries worldwide who have achieved their dream figure with the program based on healthy eating fundamentals.

The excess weight is reduced by consuming foods that are easy and quick to make and that ensure effective weight loss results. It is easy for people with a busy lifestyle to follow the meal plan. A nutritionist supervises each participant’s weight loss to achieve your desired weight. Your weight will go down and you will feel great. At the end of the program, you will receive tips from a nutritionist to maintain a slender body forever. With the StockholmDiet, your weight loss goal is realistically; therefore, there are no pills or food supplements included.  If users don’t feel that standards were met at the end of the program’s cycle, you can get your money back with the 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee provided by the company.

“Chief Nutritionist of the StockholmDiet program; a graduate of Riga Stradiņš University, Elīna has perfected the acquired knowledge by conducting scientific research on healthy lifestyle and the influence of nutrition. Elīna has participated in projects in the health sector. Elīna’s main task at StockholmDiet is to develop a program and select the nutritional solutions optimal for each client, considering their lifestyle, body type, eating habits and capacity for physical activity.”

To apply for the program, just APPLY HERE by taking a weight loss test.  Every client who applies for the StockholmDiet slimming program receives an exclusive-individualized and confidential weight loss program, along with personalized nutritional advice online.


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