Find Out How Often You Should Train Each Muscle Group

Exercise frequency! A highly debated topic among weightlifters. Spoiler Alert: the traditional way is NOT optimal.

One of the ever-going debates in the fitness industry. How many times should I train all specific muscle groups for optimal muscle growth? In the short post below, I will give you the short and clear answer.

Traditional bodybuilders’ vision How Often Should You Train Each Muscle Group

Traditionally, bodybuilders train once a week. The idea was to train a certain muscle group very hard, and give your muscles a week’s rest to recover. As all of your training volume for that week had to be done in one training, a high amount of sets was required. This method was followed for decades by many, and to be clear: it is great for building muscle!

However, there is the ‘risk’ that after a few days your muscles have already completely recovered from your previous training and are ready for the next round. In this case, it would be wasting potential if you would wait a full week before training this muscle group.

Researchers’ perspective

That this way of training seems to be sub-optimal was shown by a scientific paper published in 2007. The researchers analyzed a number of studies and discovered that higher frequencies tended to increase muscle hypertrophy more. However, these studies were not matched for volume, so the findings could easily be a result of just READ MORE

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