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Find Out For Yourself If Laser Combs Work For Hair Re-Growth: Hairmax Prima 7 Review


The HairMax Prima 7 Laser Comb is an FDA cleared low-level therapy treatment for hair loss in both men and women. The comb’s teeth along with the power of the optimal laser light work in cohesion to give a therapeutic remedy for those suffering from hair loss and or thinning hair.   The Hairmax laser comb products are made to stimulate hair growth, reverse thinning of hair, and to bring hair to a denser and fuller capacity.

The Hairmax Ultima is a patented comb that allows for light energy to promote growth of your hair follicles at a cellular level.  The comb uses (non-LED) twelve medical grade lasers as teeth that part hair during treatment, allowing for your follicles to directly receive the red laser light to your scalp.  After some time, your hair will appear thicker and improve the health of your hair by growing in thicker and stronger.

The laser uses energy to invigorate the follicle to grow strong and new healthy hair over pattern baldness or thinning areas.  This laser works on your hair follicle by increasing blood flow to the follicle to improve blood flow circulation within the weakened area.

The product is portable and can be taken with you on the go.  So if you go on a vacation, this will go right in your suitcase.  Another pro is that it doesn’t use batteries.  Simply re-charge the comb into its charger port anytime it runs out of charge.


Thanks to photobiostimulation, it is able to penetrate hair follicles at a cellular level to stimulate growth and bring hair back to its natural growth cycle of fuller and denser hair.  But does this process work for everybody?

Candidates for the Hairmax are adults with mild to moderate hair loss.  For instance, women who suffer from hair loss after menopause are encouraged to use the Hairmax comb as a remedy.  But in general, any young man or woman that have begun to notice thinning or shedding in early or beginning stages of hair loss are considered to be the perfect candidates to use this product to reverse the effect. Although this product is mainly recommended for adults in their moderate stage of hair loss, people with severe hair loss have tried it and reported back some positive hair results, so if you’re completely bald, it may not hurt to try it out.

Laser Photo Therapy For Hair Growth

Scientifically the product works as it is FDA cleared.  Ninety-percent of clinical study recipients experienced significant hair growth with one-hundred and twenty-nine additional hairs per square inch regrew.  However, there was some uncertainty about people with melanin using the product as people with a darker shade didn’t have clinical study reports assessed.  However, that is not proof that it doesn’t work for people who are brown or black.  Testimonials from a few black consumers of Hairmax reported new hair growth and endorsed the product as a product that is likely to work on all people, despite racial boundaries.  In fact, skin with melanin should be able to absorb the laser treatments even more, according to a few advocates of the Hairmax.



Aggressiveness and Commitment

At the first signs of hair loss, action needs to be taken.  It is recommended to see your dermatologists for a diagnosis and to take other aggressive steps to figure out why.

You must be disciplined: there is a level of consistency that one must have if they want to see results.  Treating hair loss is a long-term commitment.  There is no one and done cure, outside of hair restoration surgery, which is costly and isn’t certain for everyone.  If you do nothing, your hair loss will only increase, giving you the most likely end result of a bald head.  Taking immediate action can result in your hair follicles staying active and possibly being revitalized by hair growth assistance products such as the Hairmax laser comb.HairMax_Prima_7_Full_Package

It is also important to note that once on the Hairmax journey, one must continue on, as with other hair treatments.  As with minoxidil, if you choose to discontinue the use of the laser comb, it can result in the same effect of the shedding of hair in your problem areas.  Potential users must realize that with taking the journey into hair restoration that is a full-on commitment as their is still no public one-time fix for reversing hair thinning.

The Good and Bad

On the HairMax journey, Hairmax will include their brand of shampoo, conditioner, DHT supplement vitamins, and density vitalizer to come included as an assist with your laser comb.  The bad news is that this package can come at a stiff cost of about $200 or more.  But take into account that once you buy the Hairmax laser comb, it’s a one and done deal, whereas without the laser comb kit, the amount that you will spend on creams, gels, supplements, and more can amount to well over $200 within a year.


Other pros include limited to zero mess-unless you have dirt on your laser comb after use.  Unlike serums or supplements, the laser comb doesn’t require daily use, as Hairmax is directed for use every other day.  With the Hairmax 7 laser comb, the user will use the comb for fifteen minutes every other day; depending on a user’s work ethic, fifteen minutes of their time could be an eternity to hold a comb throughout thinning areas in your head and could tire your arm over time or you can view fifteen minutes at a time of the day you can stop and take a short timeout to do something beneficial for yourself.  With every Hairmax laser comb session, you put the comb in an area you want stimulated for hair growth until it beeps; once it beeps, that’s your signal to shift the comb to another position until the beeps are no more, prompting the laser to shut down, and indicating that your fifteen minute laser session is done.  While this can be tedious, keep in mind that you aren’t trapped.  You can move around your space and do other things with your free hand, so it’s not an imprisonment.  While, I think it would be ideal to use the laser comb in a fixed position, by no means do you have to stop and drop your fifteen minutes and let the entire laser session revolve around standing in front of a mirror moving a laser from one area of your head to another.

Another pro is that Hairmax is so confident about their product that they are giving consumers a five-month money back guarantee, starting from the date of delivery.  The rest of the  HairMax Prima 7 Laser Comb hair care bundle that includes shampoo, the vitalizer, supplement pills, and conditioner will remain as your gift that will remain yours.

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