Clear Clutter, Organize How You Live with DIY Shelf!


It’s the little things you do in life that makes a big difference.  Clutter has been linked to disorganization and having effects on the human psyche.  Studies reveal that clutter can be a symptom of a chaotic life, however, there is an easy fix.  A dramatic change doesn’t have to occur overnight:  You can gradually build towards organization.  Or even if you aren’t necessarily disorderly, you may value more surrounding equity and can start nipping a few out of place things in the bud, before your things start scattering and literally begin piling up on top of another.

Instead of going out to get a huge heavy drawer, begin small and light to assess the situation, and if that’s not enough, then perhaps you can move on from there to the bigger things.  If you live somewhere small, such as a studio or don’t have much space in general, then don’t just dive in with full strength speed with a bulky purchase; start with a rack room organizer.  You can begin with easy assembly wire shelves and assemble it within minutes.  It is a 3 shelf adjustable holder – a great drawer alternative.  This durable wire is held by 4 strong floor protector poles and can hold up to 750lbs.  Use it in the kitchen to hold snacks, water bottles and pantry accessories; in the bedroom to hold your shoes, boxes, books, towels; or for the outdoors to hold plants or garage items.  Those are just some of the instances of the insurmountable usage to utilize these shelf bins in your home or office.  In addition, it comes with wheels, so it’s not stationary:  Make the item portable by using it as a cart to roll off and relocate in any part of your space, allowing you to skip out on strenuous activity.   




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