Bronx Gang Selling “Pray For Death” Fentanyl and Heroin Mix Busted


After a six month investigation, a crew of seven men has been indicted after being caught peddling “Pray for Death,” a heroin and fentanyl mix in the Bronx.  One of the dealers is alleged to have sold the narcotic to a customer who snorted it and overdosed on the spot, only to call medics to revive him after dragging him away from the spot.  The crew apparently operated on Marion Ave. and 194th St. in Fordham Manor; it is an area that has some of the highest overdose death rates in New York City.  In 2016, NYC had a 46% increase in mortality rates due to fentanyl overdose: the synthetic has been reported to be fifty times stronger than heroin.

Due to the spike in overdose deaths attributed to fentanyl concentrated in the neighborhood, investigators used wiretaps and surveillance to catch the street dealers.  The investigation led to a warrant of the drug supplier, 39-year-old, Billy Perez’s home – where 200k in cash was discovered along with the “Pray for Death” brand image containing a kneeling skeleton.  Perez and one of the other six dealers are being charged with gun possession as well.  The Bronx District Attorney promises to hold the drug dealers accountable for the many lives they endangered through the use of lethal drugs for the sake of profit.

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