health benefits of bentonite clay

Find Out Why & How You Should Rejuvenate With Bentonite Clay!


Detox is important: There are many reasons why we should detoxify ourselves.  We are loaded with toxins, including toxins we’ve never been in direct contact with.  Pollution has caused toxins, such as maybe rat poison, to be in our water supply system that we may completely be oblivious and unaware of.  All of the chemicals we consume and absorb expose us and make us vulnerable to diseases.

For centuries, clay has been used as a natural healing remedy. The remedy was known to protect the body from diseases. Bentonite clay also known as montmorillonite clay has been used for thousands of years for skin health, reducing inflammation, cleansing, as well as detoxification. The latter of detoxification is its first main benefit, and the second is that it’s anti-inflammatory, making it great for the skin for that very reason.

Drinking bentonite clay removes heavy metals. Its magnetism is loaded with negative charges, which means it automatically attracts substances that contain a positive ionic charge such as toxins, metals, and bacteria, binding them to the clay through your intestines and out of your body.  This process purifies the blood and gives the immune system the minerals and nutrients that it needs, mineralizing the body.

A known 100% calcium bentonite product is Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay, which is sun-dried bentonite clay from Death Valley, California. It is made from volcanic ash deposits that have settled the Earth and contains calcium, sodium, magnesium, and various other minerals.

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay is a detoxing product that is advertised as “No animal products, no additives, no fragrances.”  You can apply all over your body leaving your skin refreshed.  Some have found it to be a success in effective natural treatment for psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, acne, and supports skin anti-aging.

The deep pore cleansing product, when applied to the face, is said to draw out issues such as pimples, acne, etc.  It is especially great for women who wear makeup, as makeup is loaded with chemicals that ages skin prematurely and lots of those toxins can get in the skin over time to increase the risks of other diseases.  Using the clay as a potion will remove the impurities and dirt from the pores.

Mixing the clay with apple cider vinegar and leaving it on your body for 15-20 minutes can rejuvenate the skin and leave it refreshed. Skin can become very radiant after applying it.

Aztec Healing Clay Mix

When you pour the apple cider vinegar onto the clay powder to create your mix, you will get a fizzle of bubbles seeping into the powder, similar to a volcano erupting from a school science project. You have an option to mix the clay with water or apple cider vinegar but it’s advised that you to go with apple cider vinegar, as it will be more effective.  Mix in a non-metal bowl with non-metal utensils; no metal spoons, forks, or knives from your kitchen. It is important to note that the clay cannot be mixed with metal!  After having it applied for a certain amount of minutes, your skin will feel purified after you wash it away.

I use an old toothbrush and mix it in a plastic bowl. I would recommend using wooden devices such as a wooden spoon and wooden bowl to mix this. I try to lighten it to make the apple cider vinegar more predominant within the mix, but not to the point where it’s no longer a paste. In case, you’re not aware, apple cider vinegar alone as a toner can be very beneficial.

Don’t just use any apple cider vinegar – use Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar; both products go hand in hand.  You can even buy the clay and vinegar combined with a wooden bowl.

Once your potion is mixed up, apply it to your target area, whether it’s your face, neck, hair, and or your entire body.  Your face should pulsate as the mask dries and hardens, feeling the pull and tightness on your skin.  The longer the clay stays on your skin, the tougher and more force you will have to exert to rinse it off.

Edible Bentonite Clay To Clean Your Insides

Outside of using the dirt externally for skin welfare, eating the dirt and clay can be beneficial for our insides, but unfortunately, the Aztec healing clay is not food grade; it’s for external use only. It is not to be taken internally, only meant to be applied to the skin, however, you can buy an all-inclusive bentonite clay powder for both internal and external use, so you can not only use it for your skin but you can also ingest it.

To ingest it, simply take a great teaspoonful of edible bentonite clay – Food Grade Calcium Bentonite Clay will do – and mix it in half a glass of water and stir it very well until dilution.  You can also put it in your blender or mixer to receive a thorough stir.

The clay absorbs the toxins and microorganisms. Internally, the clay will engross heavy metals, environmental pollutants, bad bacteria and other chemicals you may be exposed to. You can attempt heavy detoxification for removing radiation and mercury by digesting this mix, on an empty stomach, every morning.

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