Amazon River is So Boiling Hot It Can Kill You!

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A river located in the heart of the central Peruvian Amazon can give you second-degree burns within an instant. Geothermal Scientist and conservationist, Andrés Ruzo, as explained in the video claimed that his hottest measurement of the water’s temperature came in at 210 degrees Fahrenheit, which may be about 60% hotter than the average coffee. If any person was to fall into the water, they would be cooked alive.

The river also known as Shanay-timpishka translates to “born with the heat of the sun,” however, that may be erroneous as the water’s temperature stems from geothermal sources, meaning the heat is due to the internal heat of the earth. It’s also important to note that the geothermal attributes are not volcanic symptoms. Watch the video below to learn more:

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