Find Out About The No Sugar Campaign That Will Be Emerging

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As efforts to reduce the consumption of sugar locally are renewed and energized, one official from the Sugar Industry Authority is calling for action from stakeholders of the sugar industry.

Research Officer of the Sugar Industry Authority, Christine Stewart, says the market for sugar is now under threat from a number of factors including the government’s new ‘no sugar’ campaign.

Effective January 2019, the government will implement a policy to restrict certain types of sugary drinks in schools, and the public is also being encouraged to drink water instead of beverages that contain sugar or syrup.

Miss Stewart notes that in light of the campaign and other factors, there has to be a greater effort on the part of the sugar industry, to highlight the positives of the industry.

She explains that the industry must diversify and move into more value added products, if it is to thrive.

She notes that new marketing strategies must be employed to address the problems of the sugar industry.

The sugar industry official says the industry should implement bench mark technologies, and continue the development of high-yielding varieties of cane with high fibre content, to enable participation in a renewable energy program.

Miss Stewart was speaking at the 81st Annual Conference of the Jamaica Association of Sugar Technologists, at the weekend.

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