A Kill Switch to Kill Cancer Has Been Discovered!

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The fight against cancer has increased dramatically over the past few decades as our diagnostic-detection has improved as well as treatments such as immune therapy. In the next decade, it has been predicted that there will be complete cures for most auto-immune diseases due to most of the targeted effort in the medical industry to retrain the immune system to clash with cancer. According to some biotech experts, this is the generation that will take the fight and advancement on cancer forward on all vectors.

In the recent fight, it’s been found that RNA molecules reveal a secret process that causes suicide molecules, believed to be a new method to treat cancer.

This team discovered a sequence of events inside of human genetic material that contains the ability to kill off themselves when transformed into double-stranded RNA molecules. Cells have been battling cancer using this natural mechanism since the beginning of time; therefore, experts within the field were confident in a theory that a safe mode within molecules would trigger as soon as the disease began to take effect. The only problem was not being able to identify which cells were cancerous without it becoming cancerous.

In a clinical study by lead study author, Marcus Peter, and Urology professor, Dr. Shad Thaxton saw the two testing this by placing the particular molecules into nanoparticles to be dispensed into mice with human ovarian cancer. As a result, the tumor didn’t develop a resistance to the treatment and even slowed the growth of tumors without raising the toxicity levels of the mice.

Marcus Peter published a statement in the Northwestern University website explaining that interfering RNAs were able to kill cancer cells as well as fulfill it’s biological micro RNA regulation. Part of this fulfillment is suppressing gene activity with very little effect on normal cells.

For those that don’t know-cancer is basically caused by a cell’s inability to stop replicating itself, causing a cluster of abnormal cells known as a tumor. To stop cancer would be to stop the multiplication of those mutated cells, and RNA molecules look to be the bioengineering-evolutionary process that has to be activated to stop it.

“It’s like committing suicide by stabbing yourself, shooting yourself and jumping off a building all at the same time,” stated Peter in a statement on the Northwestern University website. Obviously, this is a huge leap in the fight to eliminate cancer!

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